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Thrilled to share my latest contribution to the blog over on the VIETRI website…..a sneak peek onto one of my recently completed clients projects….




The space ‘BEFORE’…the client’s table and chair set-up just wasn’t cutting it anymore…..there was a sunny niche space that was employed as a ‘bump out’…



It allowed just enough room for us to create a new and improved space for all….


The cozy space allows more seating which is a plus.  I had the fabrics for the cushion seats and the square stools ‘laminated’ so that stains and spills can simply be wiped off which keeps the space very functional, while looking great.  We were able to layer in more pattern with the accent pillows.  Probably the biggest feat was making sure that the custom designed table fit perfectly with the customized built-in space and seating…lots of measuring, and ‘sweating it out’ until the table was finally in place, and it worked out perfectly!  Love that we were able to top it off with a great looking chandelier…

Is this inspiring you to try something different in your kitchen???

Wine anyone….

Don’t forget to check out the entire article “Dispatches from the World of Interior Design” on the VIETRI blog..

Happy entertaining!

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