Traditional Home Magazine Designer Showcase House 2015

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It doesn’t seem possible that 6 months has come and gone already and we are now verging on the beginning on the next bi-annual Furniture Market!!! It feels like yesterday when we were all scurrying around putting the finishing touches on the Traditional Home Designer Showcase House.  The current issue of Traditional Home Magazine is on the stands now and one of the features is this past spring’s Designer Showcase house that took place last market in High Point, NC.  I thought I would share some more detail images from my space.


 When I am designing a space I am always inspired by the macro-vision, so the color and function of the space led the way. In this case I definitely wanted the space to be set-up as an artist’s studio…at this point it was many months ago that the design for the space began to take shape.  It was winter so I wanted to feel warm, and I got inspired by sunny yellows and thoughts of yellow spices, Morocco, spice route/Silk Road…… I HAD to have it!!! An art professor once said “Yellow is the seasoning” meaning that utilizing the color yellow in varying degrees, sometimes unseen to the naked eye, will help to achieve the right warmth and balance in a piece. I turned this maxim on its head, and used yellow as my base and then seasoned with varying degrees of greys, cools to charcoal, golds, whites/creams. Check out my Inspiration Pinterest board for lots of my inspirational ideas.


Now, down to the nitty-gritty, finishes and furnishings. I could not have created a more perfect partner than with the folks at Highland House Furniture for my upholstery selections and the eclectic blend of accent pieces that we used in the space, and it’s right up the road in Hickory, NC.


 Even better, I was able to find all of the fabrics for the upholstery within the line. They were able to execute every detail brilliantly, and since ‘detail/custom’ is my middle name, that is no easy feat!

The wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries Juicy Jute in Myer Lemon was the first choice….that got the ball rolling and there was no turning back! I even got to have a little ‘Mad Men’ moment with the Giselle console piece…..was the furniture designer channelling the original ‘Giselle’? Probably so, as this piece is very cool and sleek….the vignette is complete when adding the 60’s inspired Circa Lighting lamps and the stunning Modern History mirror.



So, this is the artist’s studio, and all artists are inspired by people, places, things… the gem of the space is showcasing the art collection by other Southern Female Artists that inspire this artist. There is a wealth of female artistic talent that I see during my travels across the South, from as close by as Greensboro, to as far way as Mississippi. I am stunned by the talent, so this is my nod to ALL of those women….so keep doing what you’re doing!


Holding court over the entire space is the fabulous Hedy chandelier by Currey & Company, one of our very generous industry partners…



Again, don’t miss the October issue of Traditional Home because there is not only my space, there is an entire roster of talented designers to be inspired by!


  1. Your room is incredible, Leslie. Just love every detail- the sofa, the lamps, the chandelier, the mirror…love it all!! Happy Thursday!

  2. Oh, you are too sweet!! Thanks for the compliments, I so appreciate it!!

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