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Fun Fridays….

If you live in the area, or are visiting, and are looking to try some great food, then head to Asheboro…you will not be disappointed….for Dustie and Andy Gregson, this has been a 10-year labor of love….to convert the 1925 building that originally served as the offices of the Asheboro Hosiery Mill, into what is now THE TABLE


The Building is on the Historical Registry, which has stringent guidelines regarding what can, and cannot, be done to a space when renovating.  They had to keep the exterior exactly as the original, even the exterior awnings that needed replacing had to replicate the originals. The interior space was completely gutted, but they could not add or remove space from the original  1,000 sq. ft. interior footprint.

  Dustie grew up in a home with a mother who was a great cook, and an incredible hostess…family and friends were always coming to their house for gatherings….and Dustie wanted to inject that feel into the atmosphere of the restaurant….Dustie meticulously supervised, and selected all of the design details of the restaurant from the finishes, down to the chairs and tables…the space also boasts the building’s original tin ceiling….


THE TABLE does feel very homey, friendly, and relaxed…and on top of that the food is outstanding!


Dustie had originally planned it to be a bakery and coffee spot, with plans to later add on serving other types of food, but through the lengthy process she decided to jump in with both feet and start serving food from the beginning.


She hired a baker from Germany who came to the US in the 1980’s, who had grown up with parents who were bakers…he arrives at 10pm each evening to begin baking the breads that will be sold the next day….the starter used for these breads is from the 1800’s..and the french country sourdough and French baguettes are a sell-out each day…



The pastry chef arrives at 3 am to begin the morning pastrires of sticky buns, crocodile tails and bear claws,  which are favorites of the regulars….2 other pastry chefs create the desserts which are classic French, utilizing European butter and chocolates which Dustie says makes all the difference…and she has given the chefs creative reign over their offerings…..The Table is known for their macarons…I dare you to eat just one!


are we drooling yet???



Impossing over the entire dining space is the fabulous chandelier built by a friend of Dustie’s that incorporates 240 French milk bottles….It is my favorite thing in there…uh…besides the food!


Various pieces of artwork are by Dustie’s sister, the artist Sarah Atkinson, of Charlotte, NC…and now that I have seen her work, I am a big fan…


Here is Dustie with one of her adorable sons, who have to stand in line themselves to order when they come by the restaurant. All 3 college-age boys help out in some capacity or another at the restaurant.  Dustie presides over all that is THE TABLE like the warm, gracious hostess that I imagine her mother was….

This labor of love is a true ‘Family Affair’…proving once again that talent often lies in unexpected places….

So make it an outing on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend, or whenever you happen to be in the area…

Which was your favorite…the macarons? crocodile tails? french baguette? or the milk bottle chandelier? let us know….

Happy weekend!

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