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Stray Dog…, I am not talking about a recently found puppy……but rather the adorable line of lighting and accessories from Stray Dog Designs based out of Chattanooga, TN.  The company is the brainchild of partners in crime, and business, Billy & Jane Pritchard.  My husband and Billy have been friends since their high school days at McCallie, and we have watched each other’s children grow up from babies over the last 20 years.   The company really began on a whim, and if you know Billy & Jane, “on a whim” is their life’s creed……It was on an extended trip to Mexico while they were still honey mooning,  that they saw wonderful work by artisans in the San Miguel area.

  tulip-tree-lamp-white-bahaman-sea-blue Adelaide-Table-stray-dog-pink


The collection incorporates many whimsical motifs, bright colors, and modern detailing….Jane is the mastermind behind the designs.  Their works have been shown in every shelter magazine possible….most recently I spied their lamps in an issue of IN STYLE magazine, sitting  prominently in the L.A. Living Room of fashion designer Rachel Zoe……I had the pleasure of informing Billy about that bit of good news….

They have recently returned from spending a year with their children in their beloved San Miguel…..they hated to leave their idyllic existence, but family and friends beckoning from back home were hard to resist…


Billy and Jane returned to show at the recent Fall Furniture Market in High Point and their space looked great.

Some of the pieces were covered with Lacefield Designs fabric.

Billy and me in their booth…….



This pink coffee table was a new introduction at market and a big hit…..

All of Stray Dog’s whimsical designs are available through L. MOORE Designs.


  1. Leslie always has the best vendors!

  2. thank you , leslie, for featuring us on your delighful blog! and thank you for letting us stay in your delightfully lovely and comfortable house!

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