Pinehurst #2

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Fun Fridays….where we stretch the design box…and in honor of Father’s day…

For the first time ever the U.S. Open Golf Men’s and Women’s tournaments are about to play back-to-back weeks at storied Pinehurst #2….

Before you say to yourselves, ‘What does Golf have to do with Interior Design?’…bear with me…

3 years ago I had the opportunity to listen to Ben Crenshaw talk about Donald Ross and explain how Ross had grown up playing golf in Scotland, and how the natural landscape of #2 would have looked to Ross at the time he was envisioning his masterpiece…..that background and experience is what Ross brought with him to golf course design…


Pinehurst tasked Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore, of Coore & Crenshaw, with the make-over of #2….Ben’s passion for golf history is what he brought to this meticulously crafted restoration. Ben discussed pouring over the incredible treasure trove of documents that were made available to them….He and Bill are very clear that this was a restoration, not a renovation, Bill said, “It is sort of like a work of art that has gathered a bit of dust, or is maybe a bit covered up by some things that have happened through time, and we’re just trying to un-cover it.”

Passion for history is what always provides the best intuition for great design…….the understanding of what was done, and why it was done in the first place……In this case, the historical preservation is setting the tone for golf course design going forward….in a way Ben and Bill have become ‘accidental environmentalists’…bringing back the course to it’s original design is also allowing the course to be maintained in a more environmentally conscentious way, the biggest part of that is the reduction in water requirements.  Even if you have no interest in golf, this affects us all…

Here is one of many You tube videos if you want to hear more from Ben and Bill discussing the restoration….

Is it the most lush gorgeous golf course I have ever seen? No, but in it’s wild rawness there is something so primally gorgeous about the setting…..and the feeling you are enjoying nature in its most base form.  The game feels as if it is more connected to the land, and respectful of the land.  One thing that Ben said that made a great impression on me is that the “playing field for golf is a living, breathing thing”  it is changing every day, every year, every decade…..and that playing field changes from course to course…this is completely different from most any other sport where the playing court is man-made and completely controlled such as a tennis court , basketball court , football & baseball field….

A lovely quote from golf writer  Charles Price;

“You don’t always notice the best dressed men or most beautifully appointed rooms but they could step out of a photograph at the turn of the century and look presentable today. That’s what Donald Ross did with No 2. All these other golf courses built today are fashionable for the time. But they don’t have an ounce of style. Style is what survives.”

That is what good design is, it gets into your sub-conscience…It doesn’t scream at you….it whispers….

Ben says that Ross was a true Scotsman, so I think that wherever Ross is this US Open week, he is bursting with fatherly pride, and LOVING Pinehurst #2….and drinking a scotch…

It is also Father’s Day weekend, and in memory of my father, who LOVED the game of golf, and got the privilege of seeing the newly designed #2 ,and meeting Ben…

The Icon, the Mentor, and the Student of the game

The Icon, the Mentor, and the Student of the game

Happy Father’s Day to my sweet Dad!

Enjoy the weekend, hope you will be watching some golf…we will!

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