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So excited to talk about this upcoming awesome event that will happen next weekend in High Point, NC…


This truly exciting event is being brought to town by the wonderful Julie Delgaudio, owner of J. Gallery…This inaugural event is already going to be the largest in the state of NC because of the number of artists, and the length of days….I spoke to Julie last week regarding the event details…

Can you give us a quick summary of the event? Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9/18 – 9/20, 30 artists will scatter throughout High Point to paint “plein aire” style, which basically means ‘live’, not in a studio, and it will be rain or shine!  They will have fully completed their art works at the end of the 3 days, and then the pieces will be offered for sale, first on Saturday evening at the preview Gala, and then the following day at an event that will be open to the public at the JH Adams Inn on Main Street in High Point, NC.

How did you become interested in organizing this event here?  These events are held in different towns all over the country, and I attended the QUICK PAINT event held in Richmond, VA.  There I became friendly with the artist Jim Carson who has participated in these type events all over the country.  We are excited to have Jim as one of the participants next week.

How are the artists selected?  We advertised in PleinAir Magazine calling for artists to participate.  When the applications are received, they are “juried” in and invited to participate in the event.  Our judge this year is Scott Raynor, Chair of the Art Department and Art professor at High Point University.

Tell us about the judging for the upcoming event?  We are so thrilled to have the artist Richard Oversmith from Asheville, NC to judge the art works that will be produced next weekend.  Richard will also be giving a presentation on the evening of the Preview Gala.  Richard has been incredibly kind and generous in assisting us with this event.

Besides incredible artwork being produced next weekend, what other benefits are there to this type of event?  Glad you asked…the Boys & Girls Clubs of High Point will receive 25% of all donated proceeds.  Also in partnership with TAG, 20 children from the HP Boys & Girls Clubs will be selected to participate in an art workshop with all of the art supplies being donated by Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies.  Some of the participating artists will be letting High Point University Art Students shadow them over the weekend.  We are also excited to be partnering with the Bienenstock Furniture Library, which is a hidden gem in town.  So the benefits to the community go beyond just next weekend.

Do you hope this will become an annual event?  ABSOLUTELY!!!

So peruse some of the participating artist’s work, and be sure to check out the Piedmont Plein Aire event website for all of the details and information.


Jim Carson


Dan Graziano


Susan Covert


Jean Cauthen

And that is just a small sampling of the talent that will be ‘Painting Out’ all over HP next weekend!  So don’t miss it, maybe that perfect piece of original art for your home will be there..

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