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Factory Man

This is the story of a man, and an industry, and the US government….


 At times John Bassett III is a man you want to hate, and then you want to hug….it is the history of  the American Furniture Industry, told through the history of a family….and it is the story of what happens to a uniquely American industry because of globalization….in a way it is about karma, they took away from the northern factories, then they lost out in the same manner….well, sort of…..

In reading the book, I felt a variety of emotions…chuckling over things JBIII did and said…sadness over how his family had treated him…pride in how one man was going to try and go up against a super-power nation that plays by their own rules….exasperated with his behavior barking at employees, and the like…sweetness at Miss Pat saying she was crazy for him…sickness at what China did to this country, and we encouraged it with NAFTA….

This is Beth Macy’s ‘love letter’ to the American factory worker who has had no control over their fate….the book is written in such a straightforward simple manner, but that is what makes it so compelling. It does not get too bogged down in economics, and international trade laws – it is plain-spoken and truthful.

If you don’t believe me, then maybe a NY Times review will peek your interest!

We would love to hear back from you if you like “Factory Man” as much as we did….

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