Do you know VERELLEN…….

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if you don’t…then you don’t know what you are missing!!

To put it simply…it is the BEST …..VERELLEN upholstery sets the bar for quality with their acute attention to detail, which of course fits right in with the L. Moore Designs philosophy…… can only know the difference once you are able to experience it….

IMG_2355 And the very best way to do that is to visit their showroom…it is an assault on the senses…Walking into their showroom at Market, many have been known to say “well, I can just stay here for hours” and many do!….from the outdoor fire pits, to the aroma of espresso, Tom greets everyone with a kiss and an offer of a beverage…..…great music is always on…and then, oh gosh the fabrics!! You just have to TOUCH everything….you definitely feel that you have been transported to Europe, even for just a short amount of time.  How lucky for me that I am within 10 minutes of their factory, and can run by to discuss any small item…..but no item is too small for VERELLEN to pay attention to. 

The creative geniuses behind the line are Tom and Sabine Verellen…Their marriage partnership has also helped create one of the most sought after upholstery lines for high end furnishings.  The essence of the line is casual European elegance, each piece in the line reflects this feeling..


……and this is how Tom and Sabine live every day…..I can attest to this as we have been on the receiving end of their gracious entertaining spirit many times.  The company motto is “Belgian conception, American Perfection”…at a time when many NC factories had closed due to overseas competition, Tom bucked that trend and started employing many of the craftspeople in the area.




VERELLEN has ventured into lamps…and below, tables….you never know what tricks they have up their sleeves.

IMG_1432 2


You can also maintain your stylish surroundings with a VERELLEN styled dog bed…Seriously…. I am not kidding!


Here is Claudia taking an international order over her i-pad..speaking of, VERELLEN has just opened a showroom in Belgium called STORY.

For those of you heading to Spring Furniture Market next week, definitely put it on your list of destinations.

Get yourself a little piece of Belgium….and again, Do you know VERELLEN??

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