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When it starts to get warm, and in the SOUTH, muggy is not far behind, all I can think of is WHITE, and maybe a large swath of green grass…..I want everything I deal with to be white, it feels cool, clean, crisp…..and it makes me want to say……AAAHHHHHH……

For about a decade it was all about cream for me, trying to create more of a mellowness in how colors play off of each other, whether it be paint color selections, the custom painted finish on a coffee table, bedding, and not having a glaring starkness…but in the past 3 – 4 years, I have found myself gravitating towards whites especially in furniture pieces, the white items create a sense of crispness and pop… feels very fresh and modern in contrast to the yellow undertones of cream….and since bright saturated colors are very evident now in home furnishings, compared to our decade of beige on beige, (not that I don’t still love neutrals) the whites make sense….

This console from Modern History is the perfect example….


I cannot wait to use this Mathis buffet from Worlds Away  on a project….the high sheen lacquer is great in white…

……also when I say white I am not talking about the white of yesteryear that contractors would purchase by the hundred gallons and slap on every surface of their spec homes, I am talking about much more sublime colors…below are some favorite paint colors

Farrow & Ball Strong White

Benjamin Moore Acadia White

Benjamin Moore Acadia White


Benjamin Moore Dove White

Benjamin Moore Dove White

VIETRI knows how to do white right in many of their patterns, here are 2 of my favorites…...LASTRA

and INCANTO below….

I mean seriously, your colorful fruits and vegetables from this summer’s bounty will positively pop against the freshness of a white table setting…

In this oh-so-serene Kitchen, Interior Designer Rachel Cannon Lewis has employed white to the hilt!


She did not let the white become boring though, She let it take Center Stage in the room and allowed the other secondary pieces to stand out against it as well. It allows the perfect opportunity to sprinkle in a dose of seasonal color as seen below.


What could be more classic than a white button-down? It is the complete democratization of society….suitable for men and women, all ages, all occasions…..

J. Crew toothpick jeans

J. Crew toothpick jeans


and these days we can’t pack for a trip without our requisite white jeans, that have become as much a staple as the long-standing blue denim variety….

Tory Burch all white outfits scream summer…

Tory Burch Summer 2014

Tory Burch Summer 2014


and if you needed anymore convincing that White is HOT, then just look at the newly married Olivia Palermo with husband Johannes…


For more white inspirations

Check out my pinterest board BLANC

are you loving White??

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