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Our FABULOUS intern, Caroline!  She has been a wonderful addition to our office over this past month, read her blog post below….

Over the past month I have spent here at L. Moore Designs, I have learned and observed so much! From the Adamsleigh Showhouse and meetings with clients, to organizing fabrics and color swatches at the office, I experienced so many different aspects of interior design. Because of this, I have started to discover my own style and what sort of things inspire me…

I am fascinated by lighting… Especially chandeliers! I think that they are beautiful and each one is so unique. For example, one of the chandeliers Mrs. Moore used in the kitchen at the JLG Showhouse was incredible.. although taking that chandelier down and putting each individual glass ball back into the box was extremely nerve-racking.

Currey & Co. Chandelier from the kitchen at the JLG Showhouse

Currey & Co. Balthazar Chandelier from the kitchen at the JLG Showhouse

I have thumbed through endless amounts of fabric samples over the past few weeks and discovered that China Seas and Schumacher are two of my favorite brands. The fabric designs that they offer are so bright and bold. And in my mind, you can never have too much color!

Schumacher Vientiane Ikat Print in Palm

Schumacher Vientiane Ikat Print in Palm

China Seas Bonaire II New Orange on White

China Seas Bonaire II New Orange on White

Window Treatments have also become one of the first things I look at when I walk into a room. They can really add that special touch to a room and make all the difference.  I have seen that its okay to use a bold print or color for the window treatments. It can make the room that much more unique and appealing to look at.

Patterned window treatments

Patterned window treatments

And finally, I am in love with Pinterest. I had previously used Pinterest mainly for just food and clothes. From the second I created my account, I became addicted. It wasn’t until I started my internship that I really started to look at home decor and interior design ideas. It can be slightly overwhelming at times, but it is such a good place to find fun ideas and inspiration. Click on the big red P button to the right of this page to check out Pinterest and the LMD page!


  1. Thank You Caroline!!

  2. Great post Caroline! Looking forward to hearing more. I too am in love with Pinterest – just ask Leslie:)

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